Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter Grass and my new "MOM" ride

A couple months ago, my dad started bugging me saying that I need to get a bigger vehicle. Keegan loves her wagon and toys and it was hard to fit everything in the car when we would go down to Safford. Primarily because Kevin has so much crap he has to take for riding dirt bikes but that's besides the point! He kind of had us sold on a GMC Acadia but I could not get over the van look. I was not willing to give up my car, that I love!, for a van looking vehicle...not going to happen!! So, we decided to wait until we found a really good looking Acadia that had everything we wanted. Then, out of nowhere, my dad called and said he had a new Yukon Denali. I have ALWAYS wanted a Yukon!! We decided to make a trip to Safford to check it out. After going back and forth, lots of tears, and me being a baby, we came home with our new ride!

I sound like such a brat saying this but at first, I did not like the Denali. I had buyers remorse big time!! All I wanted to do was get my car back. I had the Altima for about 2 1/2 years... the longest I have ever owned a vehicle!! It was so hard going from a little cool car to my "MOM" ride. However, I am not appreciating it. It is much easier to load groceries, get Keegan in and out, LOVE the DVD player for her, and it has come in handy a few times where we can fit everyone in our vehicle and don't have to take 2 cars when we go out to eat with friends and family! The worst part about it...GAS!!!

Last week, we planted our winter grass!! I begged Kevin to do it in the backyard too because Keegan loves to play outside. He said no :( So, we only did it in the front yard. Keegan and I helped. We mowed the grass really short, raked the now dirt after mowing so short, spread this grey stuff on it, spread the seed, and Kevin took care of the cow poop! While we were planing, Keegan followed us everywhere. She is quite the helper! She loved putting the work gloves on! Now, Keegan and I always have to go out and make sure it is staying moist. Can't wait for it to start germinating!

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