Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This was our 2nd annual family Supercross trip! As always, we had a blast! Thanks to my cousin Michelle for keeping Keegan for us. I think the noise and fumes would have killed her! I love walking around and checking everything out before the race. Everyone gets Monster wasted! Then, I love watching the race. I just wish Dungey and Reed would have stepped it up a bit!

Happy Birthday Kevin!

YAY!!! Kevin turned 33!!! For his birthday, I got his a dirt bike cake. It was pretty cool looking but tasted disgusting! We had some friends and family over to hang out and watch a movie on the projector and screen in the back yard. All the kids kept saying that Kevin was wrecked on his cake. He didn't like that too much! I laughed :) Anyway, we had hamburgers and a bunch of snacks. It's always fun to have people over and just hang out!

Snowboarding with my Sisters!

So, Kevin decided that he needed to go to Anaheim for Supercross opening race so I decided that I needed to go snowboarding with my sisters! The snow was great and we had a lot of fun! I realized how out of shape I am...especially after having Keegan! My legs were like jello by the end of the day! My mom kept Keegan for me. I could not stop thinking about her the entire time. I missed my little best friend! When I got home, I just wanted to hold her and love her all night!