Saturday, September 27, 2008


So, the lake is one of our VERY VERY favorite things! This is how Kevin and I met, fell in love, and just have a good time! I am getting so hyper just thinking and writing about it! We went last night and had so much fun. It's always a good time. If we could, we would live on the lake and go out every single day! Here are some pictures from this summer :) Ahh!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alright already

Yes, I has been forever! Trust me, I have gotten a lot of crap for not keeping up and I am constantly reminded that I need to post. it is: Kevin and I are doing great! Things continue to get better and better; at least for me they do. I think Kevin is SOL no matter what...he married me! Sorry Babe! We are getting ready to move soon. We have to be out of our house at the end of October. Where are we moving? I wish I knew! We have no idea right now. Kevin promises that we won't be out on the street but I guess we will see. We have been looking for a house in our ward because we love love our ward and our callings! Kevin is over the Teachers in Young Men's and I am over the Beehives in Young Womens. It is so different seeing things from a "leaders" perspective. I love it! My Young Women are so dang cute! They want to have a slumber party over here so bad! I keep telling them they have to ask Brother Morris. They finally worked up the courage and he totally shot them down and said no! was so sad! We really wouldn't have been able to do it but it was still sad :) Anyway, that's whats going on with us! P.S. Kevin got me a new ring and it is SO SO PRETTY! Love him so much!