Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Work at Roosevelt

Kevin has been doing a lot of work at Roosevelt. Unfortunately, he has to stay there all week. I pack him food to last him all week and he stays at the SRP houses. Instead of staying home alone, I spent the week at my moms! He ran out of food so on Thursday night, so, Tasia, Keegan, and I made a trip to see him with lots of food! We brought homemade ice-cream, brownies, hot rolls, green chili burro, monster! He was glad to see us :) We played games in the game room and Tasia pretty much dominated at everything...ya, Kev was a little pissed! We had fun!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bret Michaels

Confession time...I LOVE BRET MICHAELS!!!! Seriously...LOVE HIM! He was playing at the state fair so Kevin was nice enough to take me :) We met Chase, Marissa, Tanner, and Elyssa. It was so much fun! At the end of the concert, his 2 little girls went out on stage with him and rocked out! It was adorable :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year, Keegan is obviously too little to go trick or treating. Luckily, Kevin's nephew had a costume birthday party so she still got to dress up. Originally, I got her a full blown monkey costume. She absolutely HATED it!!! She SCRAME every time I tried to put it on her. So, I found these animal print PJ's at Baby Gap and decided to turn it into a little costume for her. She really liked her tutu. She kept feeling the material and rubbing it between her fingers. She is really into feeling things right now. She was the cutest little giraffe ever!

I dressed up as an 80's work out girl. Everyone guessed Deb from Napolean Dynamite....WRONG!!! Kevin was this scary swamp looking guy (we didn't get a picture) :( All of the kids at the trunk or treat were so scared of them. He even made Madden cry! And, his brother Blaine as Dog the Bounty Hunter. Lots of fun!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Keegan's Blessing

On September 5, Keegan was blessed in my parent's ward in Safford. We had so many friends and family members show up to support us, it was amazing! We really feel so loved and blessed to have such great friends and family! Kevin gave Keegan such a sweet blessing I almost think it's impossible for her to not be the perfect little girl! :) The morning of the blessing, I got to go to my Papa and Grandma Doll's house to spend a little time with them. My aunt, Shannon got to hold her and love her. While I was there, we were laughing because Kevin told me "Make sure that Keegan is asleep when I take her up there!" Like I can MAKE her go to sleep! Come on! I did my best to schedule her to be asleep. Keegan wore the dress that I was blessed in. I think it is something special that we share. Who knows, maybe someday her daughter will be blessed in it too! Plus, she had 2 special blessing blankets. One from Great-Grandma Karen and one from Great-Grandma Bingham. When we got to church, I was holding her and she was falling asleep. I told Kevin, why don't you take her now so that she will be asleep and we won't have to pass her and take a chance at waking her up. He was like, no she will be fine. Mom's always right! As soon as we passed her she started screaming!! She cried for the first minute or so of the blessing but finally fell back asleep. Thanks to Bishop Taylor's huge thumb, he popped the binky back in her mouth as it started to fall and she went right to sleep! Thanks to everyone in Keegan's circle: Kevin, Grandpa Morris, Great-Grandpa Morris, Josh, Landon Lines, Grandpa Johnson, Great-Grandpa Bingham, Ty, Trent, Jared, Wade, Uncle Dan, and Bishop Taylor. There were so many people from all sides of every family plus friends that came to the blessing and to the luncheon was just great!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Born Shots

When Keegan was a week old, we had the same photographer that did my maternity shots come and do new born shots. I think they turned out so cute! She set up a mini studio on our back porch and went to work. Keegan slept the entire time. She was moving her and placing her in all these weird positions and Keegan just slept away. She shot her naked for over 2 hours. It wasn't until Kevin picked her up that she peed all over him! Kinda funny :)

Maternity Pictures

When I was 37 weeks pregnant, we had maternity pictures taken. We thought it would be a good idea just to remember how big I got! For being huge, fat, and 5:00 in the evening in 110 degree weather, I think they turned out alright :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Sweet Addition to the Family

Long over due but here is how it all went down when this little girl came into our lives! From 36 weeks on, I went to the doctor weekly. We knew that she wasn't going to come anytime soon because I was not dialated or "soft" (whatever that means!). Dr. Beck was going to be at Lake Powell the entire week that I was due so we decided to schedule an apt for the Monday that he would be back and see about enducing labor. At about 37 weeks, I told him that I didn't mind going past my due date but I just didn't want to have an 8 or 9 pound baby. His response was, "She will DEFINITELY be over 8 pounds!" I said, "NO! We need to get her out before that happens!" He said that she would be a lot healthier and labor would be much easier if we waited. I cried! I was scared!

So, Monday, August 2, we went to our apt early in the morning and Dr. Beck said that we need to get her out because she is getting too big. He called the hospital and they said that they could get me in at 3:00. YAY! Around noon, the hospital called and said that they are busy and I need to call at 3:00 to make sure they could get me in. Everyone advised me to eat before I went so we hit up BJ's. Yumm... 3:00 came so I called the hospital and of course, they were too full. They said they would call me as soon as a room became available. 6:00... Joe's Real BBQ (delicious) with the Yeamans 7:30 mall with my mom 8:00 Kevin goes to a movie with Jeremy 8:01 THE HOSPITAL CALLS!!! Kevin leaves the movie! When I called him, the movie had just started. He didn't believe me at first but then realized that I wasn't kidding. My mom took me home and Kevin came and picked me up. Right before we left for the hospital, I got super emotional. I got really nervous. We said a prayer together and it really helped me calm down. I am so grateful for Kevin and his ability to calm my nerves. Here I am right before I went to the mall with my mom.

We got to the hospital at about 9:00 pm (August 2). By the time we got to the room, I changed into my lovely robe, got the IV, and started the medicine, it was 11:00 pm. Thank you, Dr. Beck, for the sleeping pill!

The medicine that they gave me had to be in me for 12 hours and then we had to wait an hour in between before we could start the pitocin. So, once we were finished with that, I showered and then finally about noon (August 3), we started the pitocin. Around 2:00, I got the epidural. From then on out, we talked, laughed, looked for names on the internet, played phase 10, Tasia did my make up, and basically just waited around. Things were moving REALLY slow!! On the board, everyone gave their guesses of how much Keegan would weigh. Jason Lunt was our winner!!

Around 9:00 pm, I was dialated to a 6 so Kevin kicked everyone out of the room so I could get some sleep and relax before I had to push. Once I relaxed, things started to move a lot faster. About 11:40, our nurse, Becky (amazing!), said I was at a 10 and I could start pushing. She said that I would probably be pushing for an hour or two. She got the room all ready and after 2 pushes, she said, "We are going to hold off on pushing until Dr. Beck gets here. I will go call him right now!" He got there 10 minutes later, I pushed a few more times and then our perfect little girl was here! She was born on August 4 at 12:11 am. She weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. It was the most incredible feeling in the entire world! Ahh!! It's amazing!

We stayed in the hospital until August 5. We went home around 2:00 pm or so. She didn't have a name until maybe 20 minutes before we left. We were deciding between Keegan and Kenlee. The entire time we were in the hospital, everyone kept asking what her name was. They all thought that we had a name but weren't telling anyone. Finally, Kevin decided on Keegan. I chose her middle name, Terry, after my dad. We had known that we would do that for a while but wanted it to be a surprise for him. Right after I had her, I asked my dad if it was okay that we gave her his name. He was so surprised and with tears in his eyes, he said he would be honored. I love my dad so much and that was something special that I wanted to do for him :)

Thank you so much for everyone that traveled to see us, waited patiently, sent text messages, called, and came to visit! We are so excited to have our little girl!