Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter Grass and my new "MOM" ride

A couple months ago, my dad started bugging me saying that I need to get a bigger vehicle. Keegan loves her wagon and toys and it was hard to fit everything in the car when we would go down to Safford. Primarily because Kevin has so much crap he has to take for riding dirt bikes but that's besides the point! He kind of had us sold on a GMC Acadia but I could not get over the van look. I was not willing to give up my car, that I love!, for a van looking vehicle...not going to happen!! So, we decided to wait until we found a really good looking Acadia that had everything we wanted. Then, out of nowhere, my dad called and said he had a new Yukon Denali. I have ALWAYS wanted a Yukon!! We decided to make a trip to Safford to check it out. After going back and forth, lots of tears, and me being a baby, we came home with our new ride!

I sound like such a brat saying this but at first, I did not like the Denali. I had buyers remorse big time!! All I wanted to do was get my car back. I had the Altima for about 2 1/2 years... the longest I have ever owned a vehicle!! It was so hard going from a little cool car to my "MOM" ride. However, I am not appreciating it. It is much easier to load groceries, get Keegan in and out, LOVE the DVD player for her, and it has come in handy a few times where we can fit everyone in our vehicle and don't have to take 2 cars when we go out to eat with friends and family! The worst part about it...GAS!!!

Last week, we planted our winter grass!! I begged Kevin to do it in the backyard too because Keegan loves to play outside. He said no :( So, we only did it in the front yard. Keegan and I helped. We mowed the grass really short, raked the now dirt after mowing so short, spread this grey stuff on it, spread the seed, and Kevin took care of the cow poop! While we were planing, Keegan followed us everywhere. She is quite the helper! She loved putting the work gloves on! Now, Keegan and I always have to go out and make sure it is staying moist. Can't wait for it to start germinating!

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago, I got an email from an old friend that I haven't talked to for a long time! We were in the same singles ward and had a few friends in common. The email said that the young women in her ward were doing a fund raiser trying to get money saved up for girls camp next year. They had a few professional photographers that were going to do 30 minute sessions for $20 and you get a CD of your pictures. $20 for family pictures!!! WE ARE IN!!!

What a nightmare it turned out to be with a 1 year old!! Newborn pictures were definitely a lot easier!! Everything they wanted us to do, she hates!! Hold hands, touch the water but not play in it, stay in the same area in the grass, walk slowly on railroad tracks, etc. Luckily, we got a few good shots out of the mess! For 20 bucks, not bad!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip to Glamis...NOT Buttercup or Gordon's Well

People who don't know us very well probably think that we have a really weird family. Kevin went with my parents (yes, just Kevin) to Glamis for the weekend. Some people may find this strange that I didn't go with them. However, Kevin and my parents, my Dad especially, have a great relationship. They are good friends! For that, I am so thankful!! The night before they left, Kevin was out in the garage getting his bike ready, putting his paddle tire on, etc. Keegan was such a good helper. She kept sticking the screw driver in the bike.

Kevin and my parents each brought their own air mattresses with them and just slept on the trailer. My dad and Kevin both went flat not even half way through the night and froze the entire time. My mom, on the other hand, was nice and cozy on her aired up mattress. When they got home late Saturday night, they were full of stories. They had a great good time. Kevin and my dad mounted this Go-Pro camera onto their chest plates so we had to watch their videos and hear about how fast they went, etc. They had a good time and are planning anther trip in the next few weeks.

Pima Boys Camp Out

Over Conference Weekend, we went camping with "The Pima Boys"! Believe it or not, it was the first time that Kevin and I have ever camped together!! (Besides in our backyard, of course!) We had so much fun! We went to Cedar Springs. We slept in a tent, sat around the campfire, ate a ton of delicious food, and enjoyed GREAT company! Jason, of course, comes so prepared with everything and cooks the best food! They even brought a little table for the kids to eat at. Keegan loved it! All the kids sat around and ate their breakfast. When they were all finished and had scattered, she was still at that little table clearing all of their plates after she ate all of her food!

We went on a few "rides". Some people rode in side by sides and others rode on 4-wheelers. We borrowed my cousin, Joel's Ranger. It worked out perfect! We put Keegan's car seat and Casey's (Nick and Sara's little boy) car seat in there and cruised right along with everyone! There is something about it that puts the babies right to sleep! I always am on the lookout for wildlife. We saw a few animals! On our drive out there, we saw a HUGE raccoon! Kevin saw a big acudamunda (not sure on spelling). Nick saw a lot of animal tracks by the water. It was just a lot of fun. Keegan loved it, Kevin and I both had a good time. We can't wait to do it again!!

Keegan got her ears pierced!

Ever since Keegan was born, I have been wanting to get her ears pierced. Kevin right away, said NO! I would bug him about it every now and then but never pushed it too hard. A while back he said, when she is 1 we can get them done. I just kind of left it alone. Then, out of no where, he suggested that we get them done! I was so excited! Then, when we got to the mall, I got really nervous and started having second thoughts. Kevin was like, no, you've wanted to do it, let's just get them done!

We went into Claire's and it was so crowded. We decided to go back a little later. As we were walking, we came across The Icing. We walked in to see if they pierced ears. They did, so we got started. We picked out these little diamond earrings, signed all the paperwork, and got her ears marked. The manager said it's best to do both ears at the same time so she had another girl help her. Kevin had her pinned down so she wouldn't move. Of course, she was crying and trying to get out of his lock-down! The manager said, I'm ready whenever you are. The other girl said, OK..1...2...3! Kevin let her go and we looked at her little ears. They were not the same!!! I could have DIED!!! The stupid girl did one ear way too high!! Keegan was crying, I was crying, Kevin and I were both pissed. It was awful!

They had to get needle nose pliers and pull the earring out. We had to squeeze it until it quit bleeding and then re-pierce it. What an awful experience!!! However, her ears now look adorable!! I am just glad it's over!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Kevin thinks I am nuts but I was so excited about Keegan's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY that I had been planning it for months :) I had this great idea to turn our house into KEEGAN'S CANDY SHOP! I talked Kevin into helping me string lights, build an awning (like an old fashion candy store), hang signs, etc. etc. I was so happy with the way it turned out! I hung huge "candies" from the roof, had "lollipops" coming up the driveway, a big candy bar, birthday banners, everything!

We decided to do the party in Mesa. Knowing that it is a long drive for our family and friends, we didn't think many people would come. Boy, were we wrong!! EVERYONE came!! It was so great! It really makes me feel loved to know we have so many people that care about us and support us!

However, the day before the party, I noticed early in the morning that Keegan was not being herself. She had a slight fever and was not as active as usual. My family got here that afternoon and she continued to get worse. We had a lot to get done to help Jake get everything together for his mission. My amazing Mom just carried her all over the mall while Keegan just lied on her going in and out of sleep. It was so sad! She didn't have much of an appetite either. The day of her party, it was only worse. She just laid in bed watching movies all morning and then just slept through most of her party. We literally had to force her to drink anything and so she had no energy and just looked trashed during the party :( It was so so sad :(

Even though Keegan didn't have a great time, I think that everyone else did! We had lots for them to do! We rented a 30 ft slip n' slide and a 25 ft water slide. They were a huge hit! They did everything from racing down the slides and over the ledge to seeing who could jump the furthest, etc. Everyone said they were sore for days after and they talked about it for weeks after! There was lots of swimming going on in the back yard, snow cones being made, candy being eaten, and of course. lots of food for everyone!

Keegan cheered up when it was time to open presents! She of course needed a little help but liked the ribbons, toys inside, and ripping the paper! Thank you everyone for all the great gifts! She loves her toys...I hate her toys!!!

For about a week, I had been trying to teach Keegan how to blow out a candle. I really want her to blow it out when we sang happy birthday to her. She had it down really good and I knew she would do it. But, then, when she got sick, I was worried she was going to let me down. So, we sang happy birthday and she just looked around at everyone knowing they were all watching. She wouldn't do it. Then, when she saw Evelyn do it, she wanted to. So, we lit the candle again, sang happy birthday again, and... SHE DID IT!!! She blew out her FIRST BIRTHDAY candle! I was so proud and everyone was so impressed!!!

After the birthday party was over and everything settled down, we ended up taking Keegan to the "Twilight Pediatrics" that our doctor's office provides. Come to find out, she had this crazy virus called Roseola. She was even sicker on Sunday, still had a high fever on Monday and then broke out with a rash that covered her entire body on Tuesday. It was so hard seeing her so sick, especially at her birthday party!

We are so grateful for Keegan! It really has been the best year of our lives. I never knew how much I could love someone until little Keegan came into our lives. I thank Heavenly Father for her every night! I love you Keegan!