Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keegan got her ears pierced!

Ever since Keegan was born, I have been wanting to get her ears pierced. Kevin right away, said NO! I would bug him about it every now and then but never pushed it too hard. A while back he said, when she is 1 we can get them done. I just kind of left it alone. Then, out of no where, he suggested that we get them done! I was so excited! Then, when we got to the mall, I got really nervous and started having second thoughts. Kevin was like, no, you've wanted to do it, let's just get them done!

We went into Claire's and it was so crowded. We decided to go back a little later. As we were walking, we came across The Icing. We walked in to see if they pierced ears. They did, so we got started. We picked out these little diamond earrings, signed all the paperwork, and got her ears marked. The manager said it's best to do both ears at the same time so she had another girl help her. Kevin had her pinned down so she wouldn't move. Of course, she was crying and trying to get out of his lock-down! The manager said, I'm ready whenever you are. The other girl said, OK..1...2...3! Kevin let her go and we looked at her little ears. They were not the same!!! I could have DIED!!! The stupid girl did one ear way too high!! Keegan was crying, I was crying, Kevin and I were both pissed. It was awful!

They had to get needle nose pliers and pull the earring out. We had to squeeze it until it quit bleeding and then re-pierce it. What an awful experience!!! However, her ears now look adorable!! I am just glad it's over!!

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