Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pima Boys Camp Out

Over Conference Weekend, we went camping with "The Pima Boys"! Believe it or not, it was the first time that Kevin and I have ever camped together!! (Besides in our backyard, of course!) We had so much fun! We went to Cedar Springs. We slept in a tent, sat around the campfire, ate a ton of delicious food, and enjoyed GREAT company! Jason, of course, comes so prepared with everything and cooks the best food! They even brought a little table for the kids to eat at. Keegan loved it! All the kids sat around and ate their breakfast. When they were all finished and had scattered, she was still at that little table clearing all of their plates after she ate all of her food!

We went on a few "rides". Some people rode in side by sides and others rode on 4-wheelers. We borrowed my cousin, Joel's Ranger. It worked out perfect! We put Keegan's car seat and Casey's (Nick and Sara's little boy) car seat in there and cruised right along with everyone! There is something about it that puts the babies right to sleep! I always am on the lookout for wildlife. We saw a few animals! On our drive out there, we saw a HUGE raccoon! Kevin saw a big acudamunda (not sure on spelling). Nick saw a lot of animal tracks by the water. It was just a lot of fun. Keegan loved it, Kevin and I both had a good time. We can't wait to do it again!!

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Cami D. said...

You guys suck! Looks like you had fun though. Cute pic at the top of your page!!