Saturday, October 15, 2011


Kevin thinks I am nuts but I was so excited about Keegan's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY that I had been planning it for months :) I had this great idea to turn our house into KEEGAN'S CANDY SHOP! I talked Kevin into helping me string lights, build an awning (like an old fashion candy store), hang signs, etc. etc. I was so happy with the way it turned out! I hung huge "candies" from the roof, had "lollipops" coming up the driveway, a big candy bar, birthday banners, everything!

We decided to do the party in Mesa. Knowing that it is a long drive for our family and friends, we didn't think many people would come. Boy, were we wrong!! EVERYONE came!! It was so great! It really makes me feel loved to know we have so many people that care about us and support us!

However, the day before the party, I noticed early in the morning that Keegan was not being herself. She had a slight fever and was not as active as usual. My family got here that afternoon and she continued to get worse. We had a lot to get done to help Jake get everything together for his mission. My amazing Mom just carried her all over the mall while Keegan just lied on her going in and out of sleep. It was so sad! She didn't have much of an appetite either. The day of her party, it was only worse. She just laid in bed watching movies all morning and then just slept through most of her party. We literally had to force her to drink anything and so she had no energy and just looked trashed during the party :( It was so so sad :(

Even though Keegan didn't have a great time, I think that everyone else did! We had lots for them to do! We rented a 30 ft slip n' slide and a 25 ft water slide. They were a huge hit! They did everything from racing down the slides and over the ledge to seeing who could jump the furthest, etc. Everyone said they were sore for days after and they talked about it for weeks after! There was lots of swimming going on in the back yard, snow cones being made, candy being eaten, and of course. lots of food for everyone!

Keegan cheered up when it was time to open presents! She of course needed a little help but liked the ribbons, toys inside, and ripping the paper! Thank you everyone for all the great gifts! She loves her toys...I hate her toys!!!

For about a week, I had been trying to teach Keegan how to blow out a candle. I really want her to blow it out when we sang happy birthday to her. She had it down really good and I knew she would do it. But, then, when she got sick, I was worried she was going to let me down. So, we sang happy birthday and she just looked around at everyone knowing they were all watching. She wouldn't do it. Then, when she saw Evelyn do it, she wanted to. So, we lit the candle again, sang happy birthday again, and... SHE DID IT!!! She blew out her FIRST BIRTHDAY candle! I was so proud and everyone was so impressed!!!

After the birthday party was over and everything settled down, we ended up taking Keegan to the "Twilight Pediatrics" that our doctor's office provides. Come to find out, she had this crazy virus called Roseola. She was even sicker on Sunday, still had a high fever on Monday and then broke out with a rash that covered her entire body on Tuesday. It was so hard seeing her so sick, especially at her birthday party!

We are so grateful for Keegan! It really has been the best year of our lives. I never knew how much I could love someone until little Keegan came into our lives. I thank Heavenly Father for her every night! I love you Keegan!

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Cami D. said...

ha ha ha Oh Tabitha! I LOVE That you guys practiced blowing out the candle, she was so cute!! Happy Happy birthday sweet baby, it was a fun party and I'm glad she's here too!!