Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip to Glamis...NOT Buttercup or Gordon's Well

People who don't know us very well probably think that we have a really weird family. Kevin went with my parents (yes, just Kevin) to Glamis for the weekend. Some people may find this strange that I didn't go with them. However, Kevin and my parents, my Dad especially, have a great relationship. They are good friends! For that, I am so thankful!! The night before they left, Kevin was out in the garage getting his bike ready, putting his paddle tire on, etc. Keegan was such a good helper. She kept sticking the screw driver in the bike.

Kevin and my parents each brought their own air mattresses with them and just slept on the trailer. My dad and Kevin both went flat not even half way through the night and froze the entire time. My mom, on the other hand, was nice and cozy on her aired up mattress. When they got home late Saturday night, they were full of stories. They had a great good time. Kevin and my dad mounted this Go-Pro camera onto their chest plates so we had to watch their videos and hear about how fast they went, etc. They had a good time and are planning anther trip in the next few weeks.

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