Monday, January 30, 2012

Supercross 2012!!

What a great family tradition this has turned out to be! As usual, we had a blast this year! We get there about 1:30 or so to check out the pits and all the venders. Even though it is pretty close to the same every year, it is still fun to just be there and be in the atmosphere! Jake Jarvis was not there with us :( We were all a little bummed about that. Fortunately, we got Palmer and Ty to come with us! It was such a good race! We all (my sisters and I) lost our voices from screaming and yelling so much!! We were so happy to see Dungey at the top of the podium!! It was long overdue and well deserved! He killed it that race :)

Kevin is 34!! What the?!?!

Yes, Kevin is getting MATURE.... For the next 3 months, we are 10 years apart in age :) Kevin is not a big birthday celebrater for himself. He doesn't like all the attention. So, we kept it simple. We ordered food from Joe's BBQ (delicious) and made homemade ice-cream and chocolate cake. We kept it simple. My cousin, Crystal, was in town. She helped me prepare all day! I couldn't have done it without her! Then, we just had Bethanie and her boys come over to eat with us. It was nice and relaxing. The chocolate cake turned out to be delicious! Keegan helped blow out the candles and unwrap his gift. She loves Kevin so much! She wanted to be right by him all night! He was happy with his gift. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly what I got him. (Thanks, Dad!) It is something snap-on and he needs it for his new drill he got for Christmas. I guess you can't go wrong with that!

Really, what I want to say about Kevin and his birthday is just how much I love him! I cannot imagine a more perfect guy for me! There are so many things that he does that go unseen and unappreciated. I never have to worry about a weed in our yard, our pool going untaken care of, money in the bank, or cleaning up after him. He does so much around the house that most men would never consider doing! He loves me unconditionally, listens to me cry, laughs with me, and just treats me like best friends should :) He is the best dad to Keegan too! Even after a long day of work (sometimes 16 hours of hard, physical, outdoor work), she runs to him at the door and he picks her up, plays with her, cuddles with her, and pesters her until she gets annoyed by him! He is the best and I am so grateful to call him my husband!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Can I just start by saying that I love Christmas! I love all the time we get to spend with family and the happiness that the season brings. This year I really tried to think about our Savior and his birth. I feel so blessed to know the truthfulness of the gospel and to have the Savior as part of my life. We thought it would be fun to teach Keegan about Santa. We taught her that he says HO! HO! HO! Every time she saw a santa doll, the real santa, a santa ornament, santa on pajamas, we asked her whwat Santa says, whatever! she would say HO HO HO! It was so cute!

Keegan was so much fun this year! She loves to be right in the middle of everything! This includes, wrapping presents! Thank goodness she has nice aunts that let her help :)

The weekend before Christmas, we have a party with the Morris family. Unfortunately, we were late for it because we had to take Keegan to the ER. Kevin, Keegan, and I all got really sick and it lasted over a week! Keegan was having a really hard time breathing and we were really worried about her ears. Being RSV season, we decided to take her in, just to be safe. Luckily, she did not have RSV but she did have an ear infection. The PA at the ER was so nice. His name was Spencer and he was so good with Keegan. She and Kevin both fell asleep while we were waiting for the results. Once Spencer came back in to let us know the RSV was negative, she woke up. I told her to tell him goodbye and thank you. With her sad little eyes, she looked up at him, blew him a kiss, and waved. It was adorable!! He was like, that is the cutest think ever!! We just love her!!

For Christmas Eve, we go to my grandparents on the Johnson side. We get a visit from Santa, eat delicious food, and exchange gifts. Keegan got a suit case, flash light, and bubbles! She loves all of them. Now, she loves to get in her suit case or ride on it, shine her flashlight (it looks like a cute!) in everyone's eyes, including her own, and points to her bubbles and blows all the time!! We always have such a great time, especially because we don't get to see that side of the family very often. Keegan was the only "little one" there and she sure soaked it in! She got all of the attention and played it up! Everything from folding her arms during the prayer while everyone watched to bustin' out her dance moves!

Next, we go to my parents house (Christmas Eve still) and open gifts there. I think Keegan liked everyone else's gifts more than her own! Kevin was happy with his new dirt bike helmet. His has been broken for a while and taken as much super glue as it can handle. My mom loved the new shoes we got her. Tori has been using my dad's snow gloves to go snowboarding so she was thrilled that we got her some that actually fit! It is so nice to see everyone love their gifts :)

Christmas morning, we go to the Bingham's. I'm not sure what happened to my camera but I did not get a single shot Christmas day! Keegan got a nice quiet book that my grandma made for her. It has been so nice to take it to church. We always get food storage from them as well. It's nice because I am not very good about doing year supply stuff so thanks to Grandma Bingham, we will have something if things get really bad!

After the Bingham's we went to Kevin's family. We were able to go to sacrament meeting with his entire family and hear the beautiful music and talks that were given. The kids always do a gift exchange and the adults do a white elephant with a $20 limit. It makes it fun to not know what you are going to end up with. Kevin's parents gave Keegan the perfect gift...a recliner, just her size! She loves it! She will watch TV or movies with us and just chill in it. She loves to ready and relax in her chair! It is so cute!!

We feel so blessed to have such amazing families and most of all, to have each other. I am so grateful for Kevin and Keegan in my life. I often wonder how I got so lucky to have them. They both bring me so much happiness and I cannot help but thank Heavenly Father for them everyday! I hope everyone had as merry of a Christmas as we did :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Webelos Hike

I am lucky enough (haha) to be a Webelos leader in our ward! In order for the boys to earn their Arrow of Light award, they have to go on a hike with the troop. We decided to make it a family hike. One of our nephews, Alex, is in my group. We brought him, along with his brother Kaden. So, that happened to be last Saturday...the most freezing day of the year! I knew it was going to be cold so I got Keegan all bundled up with lots of layers. Apparently, by the looks of her nose, it wasn't enough! We borrowed this backpack from another scout leader. Keegan did great. She just kicked back the entire time. Partly because she couldn't move and the other part because she was frozen, I'm sure! Her poor little lip was quivering the entire hike up.

We got to the top and everyone had a snack. I packed them in my backpack. Then, we looked out with binoculars and took pictures by the sign. I knew that Keegan was frozen so I gave up my sweatshirt. I just took it off and put it around her and put the hood over her head to keep her warm. I was so cold the on the hike down but I would rather be cold than have her cold.

Apparently, it worked. Kevin said that she slept the entire hike down. When we got to the bottom, I found her in total chill mode, sleeping in the backpack!

We totally lucked out. Literally, 2 minutes after we got into the car, it started pouring! Thank you for not raining on our hike!

Loves and Hates about our house...

One thing I love about our house is the citrus trees we have in the backyard. We have a lemon, orange, and grapefruit tree. The fruit is so close to being ready. There are quite a few lemons that are ready and quite a few oranges that are ready. The have to search to find one ready to eat but they are up there! On Saturday morning, Kevin went out and picked a few oranges and juiced them for breakfast. It was yummy!

Keegan is a fan of the lemon tree! There is a branch that hangs just at the right height for her to pull the lemons off and hit them. It's hard to get after her for doing it when she gets so excited about hitting lemons! She also likes to eat them! As for me, I will stick to the fresh squeezed lemonade!

One thing I HATE about our house, is our cabinets!! They look so old and cheap to me! I have been talking about re-doing them since we bought the house.

After almost 2 years of bugging Kevin, we did it! Kevin has vacation time from 2009 (crazy right) that he has to use up by the end of the year. So, he took the entire week of Thanksgiving off to do the cabinets. We sanded, primed, painted, and glazed. It was so much work!! Clearly, we have a ton of large cabinets! We decided to go with an off-white cream color with a black glaze. Then, sometime this month, we are going to do the island black. The hardest part was having Keegan "help". Nap time was a very productive time for us. We even gave her a sucker to keep her happy! She NEVER gets sugar!!

She wanted to be out there helping so badly! We would put her in the house and she would just sit by the door watching, crying, yelling "DAD!"...anything to get us to let her out! We were really bad parents for 2 days! Then, Gami (my mom) came to the rescue! Levi had doctors appointments up here and so my mom was nice enough to take Keegan with them on Wednesday. Then, she took Keegan to Safford with her. My mom and dad just love her to pieces so it was nice to know she was in good hands while we finished up. She got to work on the dirt bikes with Grandpa!

After 3 days of non-stop work, late nights, and tired bodies, we headed to Safford at 2:30 in the morning on Thursday...arriving at 5:00 am. This is definitely not the finished product! We still have molding to add to the sides and bottom, handles to all drawers and cabinets, the island needs to be done black, and granite countertops. I have to admit, at first, I HATED it. But, it has grown on me a little. Once we get it all done, I am sure it will look great. Thanks to a wonderful husband that loves me enough to go through all this hard work :)

P.S. After getting there at 5:00 am, I made it in time to run the last quarter of the Pima Turkey Trot with my mom! I pushed Keegan in the stroller and Kevin waited at the finish line! Tori did awesome! She got 6th in her division without any training!