Friday, October 22, 2010

Keegan's Blessing

On September 5, Keegan was blessed in my parent's ward in Safford. We had so many friends and family members show up to support us, it was amazing! We really feel so loved and blessed to have such great friends and family! Kevin gave Keegan such a sweet blessing I almost think it's impossible for her to not be the perfect little girl! :) The morning of the blessing, I got to go to my Papa and Grandma Doll's house to spend a little time with them. My aunt, Shannon got to hold her and love her. While I was there, we were laughing because Kevin told me "Make sure that Keegan is asleep when I take her up there!" Like I can MAKE her go to sleep! Come on! I did my best to schedule her to be asleep. Keegan wore the dress that I was blessed in. I think it is something special that we share. Who knows, maybe someday her daughter will be blessed in it too! Plus, she had 2 special blessing blankets. One from Great-Grandma Karen and one from Great-Grandma Bingham. When we got to church, I was holding her and she was falling asleep. I told Kevin, why don't you take her now so that she will be asleep and we won't have to pass her and take a chance at waking her up. He was like, no she will be fine. Mom's always right! As soon as we passed her she started screaming!! She cried for the first minute or so of the blessing but finally fell back asleep. Thanks to Bishop Taylor's huge thumb, he popped the binky back in her mouth as it started to fall and she went right to sleep! Thanks to everyone in Keegan's circle: Kevin, Grandpa Morris, Great-Grandpa Morris, Josh, Landon Lines, Grandpa Johnson, Great-Grandpa Bingham, Ty, Trent, Jared, Wade, Uncle Dan, and Bishop Taylor. There were so many people from all sides of every family plus friends that came to the blessing and to the luncheon was just great!!


Kurt and Mandy said...

She is just beautiful!! Thank you so much for bringing her by the other night! I am sad we missed the blessing. The dress is beautiful. That is amazing that it is still a bright white. Not that you are super old or anything!

Christy said...

I did not know you had a blog! I'm so glad that I finally get to see pictures of you both and Keegan!! She's adorable, congrats. I am excited to see you guys!!