Monday, January 30, 2012

Kevin is 34!! What the?!?!

Yes, Kevin is getting MATURE.... For the next 3 months, we are 10 years apart in age :) Kevin is not a big birthday celebrater for himself. He doesn't like all the attention. So, we kept it simple. We ordered food from Joe's BBQ (delicious) and made homemade ice-cream and chocolate cake. We kept it simple. My cousin, Crystal, was in town. She helped me prepare all day! I couldn't have done it without her! Then, we just had Bethanie and her boys come over to eat with us. It was nice and relaxing. The chocolate cake turned out to be delicious! Keegan helped blow out the candles and unwrap his gift. She loves Kevin so much! She wanted to be right by him all night! He was happy with his gift. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly what I got him. (Thanks, Dad!) It is something snap-on and he needs it for his new drill he got for Christmas. I guess you can't go wrong with that!

Really, what I want to say about Kevin and his birthday is just how much I love him! I cannot imagine a more perfect guy for me! There are so many things that he does that go unseen and unappreciated. I never have to worry about a weed in our yard, our pool going untaken care of, money in the bank, or cleaning up after him. He does so much around the house that most men would never consider doing! He loves me unconditionally, listens to me cry, laughs with me, and just treats me like best friends should :) He is the best dad to Keegan too! Even after a long day of work (sometimes 16 hours of hard, physical, outdoor work), she runs to him at the door and he picks her up, plays with her, cuddles with her, and pesters her until she gets annoyed by him! He is the best and I am so grateful to call him my husband!

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