Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Webelos Hike

I am lucky enough (haha) to be a Webelos leader in our ward! In order for the boys to earn their Arrow of Light award, they have to go on a hike with the troop. We decided to make it a family hike. One of our nephews, Alex, is in my group. We brought him, along with his brother Kaden. So, that happened to be last Saturday...the most freezing day of the year! I knew it was going to be cold so I got Keegan all bundled up with lots of layers. Apparently, by the looks of her nose, it wasn't enough! We borrowed this backpack from another scout leader. Keegan did great. She just kicked back the entire time. Partly because she couldn't move and the other part because she was frozen, I'm sure! Her poor little lip was quivering the entire hike up.

We got to the top and everyone had a snack. I packed them in my backpack. Then, we looked out with binoculars and took pictures by the sign. I knew that Keegan was frozen so I gave up my sweatshirt. I just took it off and put it around her and put the hood over her head to keep her warm. I was so cold the on the hike down but I would rather be cold than have her cold.

Apparently, it worked. Kevin said that she slept the entire hike down. When we got to the bottom, I found her in total chill mode, sleeping in the backpack!

We totally lucked out. Literally, 2 minutes after we got into the car, it started pouring! Thank you for not raining on our hike!

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