Friday, September 16, 2011

Keegan is One!! What the heck?!?!

I can't believe our princess is 1!! It feels like just yesterday we found out we were having a baby! Our life has changed so much by having her a part of it and we wouldn't change it for a second! Keegan brings so much meaning, motivation, and purpose in our lives. I feel like because of her, I want to be a better person and try harder. There have been so many countless moments when I thank Heavenly Father for sending her to me! My heart just melts when I think about her...

Keegan has been such a great, easy baby!! She is literally, either sleeping or smiling! She has always been a good sleeper (8 hours at 2 weeks old, 12 hours now with naps all day!), she keeps herself busy, she eats pretty much everything, and loves to be the center of attention!! She gets in these silly little moods now where she will be so giggly and laugh at everything! We cannot help but just love her to pieces!!

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